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Limited DIY Digipack Edition with vinyl style cd and hand-folded lyric sheet.

After countless lineup changes, the band decided to continue as a three piece which also had a big impact on the general sound and feel of the music.A MEMORY OF ANGST is the result of writing music without thinking too much about it.
Right from the beginning of the songwriting process it was clear, that the band didn ́t want to make another full length album in a classical sense. Like in the early days, the band worked more collectively again and wrote most songs together, locked in a shitty rehersal space. The whole process was so natural and fluent that Never Void decided not to work too much on the songs, to keep the spontanious character of the music. In the end, the band wrote two clusters of songs that later would become VASTNESS and VACUITY.
WhileVASTNESS has a very wide and open vibe to it with a very macrocosm feel,VACUITY focusses more on a microcosm aspect of the music which makes it sound more dense, brutal and more evil and less open spaced. Both halfs were recorded completely different to serve the songs best.VASTNESS has a more open and somehow dynamic sound while VACUITY features a more brutal, deeper and heavier sound. Both halfs were produced by bass player Stefan Braunschmidt and Jack Shirley at the bands own DSMNA Studio and the Atomic Garden Studio in California, US.The main goal productionwise was to keep the natural, raw and „analog“ feeling that a lot of modern records don ́t have anymore. So the whole mix and mastering was done completely analog, on tape with barely any plugins used.The result is a warm, super heavy and natural sound, that represents the live attitude of the band.
The lyrical main theme on A MEMORY OF ANGST deals with the multiple aspects of angst. Since angst, depression and panic rule our everyday life more than we often are aware of, it was more of a natural writing process and nearly all of the lyrics were written very spontaniusly and fast.
This record is not a concept record but there is a main theme that rules the most of the lyrics.The songs deal with many different kinds of angst and is inspired mostly by our everyday life, the big urban depression, personal expiriences as well as the daily multimedia mindfuck, our responsability for our social- and ecological environnment and a subliminal rage against the so called modern life!
The title of the record is mainly inspired by the character „Kassandra“ by Christa Wolf. In fact it ́s no record about the novel Kassandra, but there are a few links to the main charater here and there.
The artwork was made by Gerd Kornmann of Riotdesign and illustrates both of the main musical aspects of the record.The picture shows a very wide and open perspective but with a very dark and heavy atmosphere.Also the artwork doesn ́t reveal too much about the music which keeps it kind of exciting.